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Deep Tissue Massage

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1,280 Hong Kong dollars
  • Pennington Street

Service Description

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (深度按摩) 泰國著名五星級水療品牌 – PATTRENA,藉由芳香植物所萃取的精油,以按摩及薰香等方式,經由呼吸道及皮膚吸收,進入體內,用於改變人的情緒,認知,心理和身體健康,從而達到舒緩精神壓力與增進身·心·靈健康的自然按摩療法。 好處 : 有助於改善亞健康,幫助肌肉放鬆,促進血液及氧氣循環,減低焦慮感及情緒壓力 適合對象 : 生活及工作壓力過大,易焦慮,憂鬱,生活疲憊,失眠,頭痛及神經緊張的人仕。 Deep tissue massage is strongest massage. Our massage therapist uses her fingers, palms and elbows to massage the deepest muscle tissuesfor intense relief. Advantages: Relax muscles from serious tension and pain. Applicable to: Peoplewho are extremely tired, with soar and stressed muscles; especially designed for working groups.

Contact Details

  • Guangdong Tour Centre, Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    25069005 / 60679862 (Whatsapp)

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