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Bust Beauty Firming & Plumping

  • 45 minutes
  • 880 Hong Kong dollars
  • Pennington Street

Service Description

BUST BEAUTY FIRMING & PLUMPING (胸型緊緻提升美胸護理) 以專業舒適的按摩手法,刺激胸部的各個經絡穴位,活化乳狀腺組織,疏通瘀塞的經絡,減少積聚多餘脂肪以預防副乳形成,從而令胸部缐條提升緊緻。好處 : 疏通淋巴經絡,排毒,預防乳腺阻塞,提升胸部缐條及幼嫩肌膚,有效改善副乳和胸部變形,增強彈性。適合對象 : 改善胸型,缺乏彈性,乳房脹痛及注重乳房健康的女性 The bust beauty firming and plumping treatment helps to stimulate pressure points around the breasts,to revive lobes of mammary gland, andto reduce congestion in breast tissues. In addition, itimproves breast postures, reducesextra fat and avoidsformation of accessory breasts. Advantages: Increase lymph circulation and detoxification, as well as to avoid congestions of lobes of mammary gland. It also helps to moisturize skin,to improve breast postures and to avoid formation of accessory breasts. Applicable to: women who wants to improve breast postures and elasticity and those who have breast pain

Contact Details

  • Guangdong Tour Centre, Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    25069005 / 60679862 (Whatsapp)

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